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SHIMADZU On-line Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Model 4200 is a Highly advanced on-line TOC Analyzer which excels in a wide range of applications

The TOC-4200 is a high-performance on-line TOC analyzer, based on the proven 680°C Catalyst-aided Combustion technology (ASTM 5310B) followed by NDIR Detector (EPA 9060A). This established technology is featured in a large installed base of Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzers throughout India & world and has been applied to a broad field of industries. Waste Water Monitoring, Cooling Water, Condensate Return and many more.

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Key Features:

  • Supports wide range of samples. Range 5mgC/L to 20000mgC/L
  • Catalytic Combustion Technology for converting the Effluent / Waste Water into CO2 follows ASTM 5310B
  • For measurement uses NDIR Detector follows EPA 9060 A
  • Color LCD Touch screen
  • Generous data storage capacity


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