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Quantek Head Space Oxygen Analyser

Quantek is an expert for analysing various gases especially Oxygen in Vials. Model 905V is one of the most successful and robust models in the Industry. Pharmaceutical preparations packaged in vials are often gas-flushed to provide a specific atmosphere in the vial, with defined levels of oxygen, nitrogen or other gases. Depending on the product, these vials can range in size from 1 ml to 250 ml or larger. Small vials present some difficulty for oxygen analysis because the sample volume available is often quite small. A one ml vial, for example, may have only 0.5 ml of headspace gas. For direct analysis with a pharmaceutical oxygen analyzer, the instrument must be capable of analyzing very small volumes. Our pharmaceutical oxygen analyzer is designed for this process.

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Key Features:

  • Bench top O2 Analyzer for vial testing
  • The Model 905V sensor is specially design for Pharmaceuticals, the oxygen sensor internal chamber through which sample gas flows , including all connecting tubing , has very small volume of about 0.1 CC.
  • Simple Calibration – This allows for a single point calibration to be performed anywhere in the measurement range. Span calibration is accurately done by testing room air, which should give a reading of 20.9% oxygen.
  • The Model 905V is a rugged benchtop unit housed in a heavy-duty metal enclosure, well suited for continuous use in routine QC testing in the laboratory
  • Range : 0 to 100% O2
  • Sensitive to O2 only; not affected by high levels of CO2 or trace hydrocarbons
  • Ampule testing also possible as optional .

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