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Hangzhou Tailin Bioengineering Equipments Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of Sterility isolator technology. It can use in inbuilt sterility test pump and built in VHP generator. The effectiveness of Bio-decontamination achieves lg6 level. With options of flexible wall or rigid wall isolators it is an isolator which is technically one of the best.

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Key Features:

  • Rigid or flexible wall , the internal environment is dynamic class A
  • Operate with gloves (thick anti-breakage gloves or thin sensitized gloves)
  • Adopt H14 grade HEPA, scan through the PAO leak test
  • The system reserves an interface and a valve for connecting the Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Generator (VHPS ®)
  • Internal part is sterilized by hydrogen peroxide vapor, with effectiveness of lg6
  • Deliver goods through various ways, for instance, docking to the transfer bag of being able to be steam sterilized , or to the transfer passageway with RTP system
  • Built-in power can be installed in the isolator; you can install the connectors for compressed air and for clean water with valves to take in water and air
  • Systems with Siemens Logic Controller (PLC) for controlling pressure and air volume fully automatically and with under-voltage alarm function
  • With casters and locking, removable and fixed
  • Comply with USP 1208 validation requirement
  • The software design meets FDA 21CFR Part 11 regulations

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