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Active microbial air sampling can be added as an integral part of facility monitoring solution, removing the need for using portable air samplers and providing secure logging of viable sampling program timing to support batch release. Continuous or interrupted active air sampling regimes are supported. The internal impeller fan speed is monitored and controlled to ensure the correct sample volume and d50 values are maintained. Active Air Samplers are available with a variety of mounting and sample head options

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Key Features:

  • Controls a single SAS Active Air Sampler
  • Monitors and controls air flow rate
  • Programmable sample duration and flow rate
  • Supports intermittent sampling
  • 316 Stainless Steel Head
  • Built-in sampler impeller. Hence no tubing required
  • Uses standard 90mm Petri dish media
  • No external Vacuum system required
  • Alarms are generated if speed is too fast/slow or voltage and current are outside of limits

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