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METONE 3400+

The MET ONE 3400+ helps you manage accurate cleanroom monitoring data via safe and secure internal software and web access-there’s no external software needed and All data is encrypted

It uses Microsoft Active Directory for Username and Password Control for log-on and electronic signatures, it supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and ALCOA guidance

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Attributable Multi-level, Microsoft Active Directory Username and Password control creates unique electronic signatures for users
Legible records MultiLegible, secure PDF electronic record export for measurement results
Contemporaneously created Secure PDF electronic records created in the counter – no manual data transcription or scanning of paper report
Original Original electronic record created directly inside the counter
Accurate Your SOPs and sampling maps uploaded into the counter with version control. Completed records reviewed and approved for accuracy in the counter remotely via web-browser. No manual counter configuration or sample location entry

The Most Advance METONE Portable Air Particle Counter 3400+ series

  • New Advances Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Complies with ALCOA guidance.
  • Customized Electronic SOP Maps load direct in Counter
  • Interactive Tracking
  • Automated SOP Version Control
  • Review and Approve via web browser attaching their Electronics Signature
  • Manage accurate data via safe and secure web access and internal software
  • Plug n play networking
  • Better Wireless Connectivity
  • No external software needed.
  • Data is encrypted
  • Uses credentials control by Microsoft Active Directory for log-on and electronic signatures

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