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Hydrogen peroxide has better sporicidal efficacy in gas state than the liquid state at room temperature and that the generated free hydroxyl groups are able to attack cell components, including lipids, proteins and DNA organization, which achieves the requirement of complete sterilization

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Key Features

  • Three models to choose from.
  • SS Body
  • Applications: Sterilization in isolation room, isolator, Lyophilizor transfer passageway, blending
  • machine, biosafety cabinets, small clean Room, Large Clean Rooms
  • Sterilizing agent: 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution or 60% electronic grade hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Safety to materials: No H2O2 condensation and adherence
  • Broad Spectrum Sterilization: Effective to Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi
  • High Efficient: can reach 6-log reduction rate
  • No residues: decomposed into H20 and O2 finally

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