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The LS 13 320 MW is one of the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzers available today. The LS 13 320 MW offers the highest resolution, reproducibility and unsurpassed accuracy. Its state-of-the-art, laser-based technology permits analysis of particles without the risk of missing either the largest or the smallest particles in a sample

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Key Features

  • Most Versatile & accurate Laser diffraction Particle Sizer.
  • Single wavelength for size range 0.4 μm to 2,000 μm
  • Uses 131 Detectors.
  • Uses Solid Lazer at 780nm wave length.
  • Uses Multiple wavelength size range of 0.017 μm to 2,000 μm.
  • Uses PIDS a patented technology of Beckman Coulter, with 3 different wavelength 450nm, 600nm and 900nm
  • 36 Separate Detectors for size range from 0.017 μm to 0.4 μm.
  • Total 167 Detectors and 4 wave lengths
  • Highest Resolution, Reproducibility and Unsurpassed Accuracy.
  • Powder Application – Uses patented TORNADO technology. Uses external vacuum source. This creates a negative pressure. This ensures that the particles are not broken
  • Liquid Application – Various modules available
  • Automodal Run. No requirement to guess expected size range
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with complete validation protocols

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