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Wireless, battery operated, self-inflating, with RFID for auto detection of location, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

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Key Features :

  • Automated Wi-Fi Glove Testing System. For a Wireless/house free Leak tightness test of Glove in Isolators and RABS. Up to 24 test are tested simultaneously in one test.
  • High-precision pressure sensor to capture the inside pressure of the Glove
  • Wireless communication between glove testing disc and laptop
  • Testing in two different rooms possible at the same
  • Multiple glove can be tested in one step => time saving effect
  • Audit trail in accordance with CFR21 Part11
  • Mini design, easy to carry, Battery inside, no need power supply.
  • Follow the ISO 14644-7 standard (attached) minimum testing pressure should be (500 pa to 1000 pa ) and pressure drop 10 pa in 10 second
  • Computer control, LCD display; compact structure, lightweight design, easy to use
  • Built-in pump inflate the glove through 0.2 micron filter and no need compressed Air connection and RFID CHIP for detection of Glove no and position



Easy to operate, Siemens PLC Based, Inbuilt Printer, Needs Compressed air supply


HTY-GIT-01 is specially designed for testing the glove integrity of Isolator and RABS . The glove integrity is crucial to prevent the isolator system from contamination. Wireless GIT adopts the pressure decay method which conforms to the ISO14644-7 requirements. It is house in a SS enclosure with large touch screen panel which is compatible with clean room and it is very easy to operate.
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