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Anton Paar’s range of Abbemat refractometers embody over forty years of technical expertise. They measure the refractive index and concentration of liquids, gels and solids. These truly universal refractometers cover all applications in all industries. Abbemat refractometers are built with care and precision using the highest quality materials ( Presently represents in Gujarat)

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Key Features

  • Dual Peltier control – Hence Most Reliable & Accurate
  • Range nD  1.3 to 1.72 ; Resolution nD ± 0.00001 ; Accuracy nD ± 0.0001
  • Designed for routine analysis and quality control, ranging from checks on incoming raw materials to intermediate and final products
  • Selectable from industry specific sets of scale
  • Sturdy design and straight forward operation
  • Built in LCD Screen and membrane keys are resistant to spillage and dirt
  • Prism of refract meter is scratchproof, easy to clean and mounted in stainless steel sample well
  • Low sample volume, highest efficiency

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