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AntonPaar Polarimeters are technically the best and the most accurate polarimeter available. Anton Paar‘s polarimeters measure the optical rotation over the entire measuring range at the same high accuracy. The polarimeter series meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries and is ideal for R&D applications. currently represented in Gujarat only.

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Digital Polarimeter- Anaton Par

Key Features

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance software with electronic signatures
  • Accuracy throughout the measuring range i.e. + 0.005⁰  in Normal mode and + 0.002⁰ in precise mode  for a range of + 89.9⁰
  • Best design of Peltier Temperature Control. Covers 70% to 80% of sample cell
  • Fast measurement as well as highest accuracy in temperature
  • Intelligent Light Adjustment for dark and clear samples, reducing the running cost
  • Easy Replacement of Lamp
  • The Wireless tool master ensures automatic data capture and zero error
  • Optional Feature of Filling Check – With a camera inside sample cell is also available

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